We are an active, fun club. We offer a great place to dance and meet other singles. Our regular dances are on a tile floor in a central Columbus location.

Our dance year starts May 1st and those paying in full at that time pay $45.00 for the year. Remember, among other things, the annual dues admit you to 13 dances a year! If you pay at the door at $7.00 per dance, you will pay twice as much ($91.00 instead of $45.00).

Please be aware: During events you may be photographed or videographed or electronically imaged. Images may be used in promotional materials, news releases, and other published formats for Bucks and Does Singles. The images will be the sole property of Bucks and Does Singles.

Memberships / Renewals

If you are renewing
Use the Full Price Option.

If you are a new member, but graduated from beginner class MORE than a year ago: 
Use the Full Price Option

If you are a new member, but graduated from beginner class LESS than a year ago: 
Use the Half Price Option

New Membership Application

Complete the form below, then proceed to the online payment area.

Please note:  memberships are always subject to review. In the case a membership has been declined, your membership dues will be completely refunded.

I’d Rather Not Pay Online

If you’d prefer to skip online registration, you can download our application / renewal forms as PDF files.

Once downloaded, print and fill them out. Then the forms and payment can be given to the Bucks and Does Treasurer (or any officer of the club) at any Bucks and Does dance or class. Additionally, you can mail the forms, with payment included, to our mailing address:

Bucks and Does Western Square Dance Club
PO Box 531
Westerville, OH 43086