So what is square dancing all about?

Modern Western Square Dancing is America’s only native folk dance.  Its roots go back to the quadrilles, polkas and schottisches that American settlers brought to the New World.  Over time, barn dances became more organized and lists of calls were developed to eliminate the confusion of different names for the same call, or different calls having the same name, from one area to the next.  The hillbilly band with its whiny fiddle was replaced by modern combos, which were replaced by high-fidelity recordings; the nasal amateur caller was replaced by an articulate professional assisted by a public address system.As a new square dancer, you will find yourself among millions of dancers active not only in the United States but around the world—England, Germany, Australia, Japan, etc.  And because all square dances are called in English with standardized figures, you can square dance no matter where you are.Square dancing is truly known as “friendship set to music.”  Come and join the fun!