Membership Saves You Money for Bucks and Does Events!

We are an active, fun club. We offer a great place to dance and meet other singles. Our regular dances are on a tile floor in a central Columbus location.

Our dance year starts April 1st and those paying in full at that time pay $45.00 for the year. Remember, among other things, the annual dues admit you to 13 dances a year! If you pay at the door at $7.00 per dance, you will pay twice as much ($91.00 instead of $45.00)

Membership is Only $45 Per Year.

You May Now Pay Your Membership Online! Click here. ($47 per year. $2 goes to the credit card companies, don’t ya know? Membership subject to club approval.)

Or Download The Form Below and Snail Mail it to Us!

Forget the forms! Pay for your membership online! No need to download a form or stick one in the mail. Click here to pay $47 ($2 “convenience fee.”) (Membership subject to club approval.)

Click on of the red buttons above to select the right form for you. It will open a new window to print and then complete the form. The completed forms and payment can be given to the Bucks & Does Treasurer (or other officer) at any Bucks & Does dance or class.

Or, if you prefer, they can be mailed, with payment included, to our mailing address:

Bucks & Does Western Square Dance Club
P. O. Box 332
Columbus, OH 43216-0332